Professional hard and software development from one source

Professional hard and software development from one source. In such way it can be made sure that the solutions for hardware and software harmonise perfectly.
The consulting engineers have a long history of success. Over time many projects of different kinds were planned and realised.

A complete list of successfull finshed projectes you will find on the site “Projects”.

Of course single work packages from one or more working categories can be ordered, e. g. the development of software for an existing hardware or the advancement of an existing system.

The documentation of the results and the definition of the interfaces belongs to the standard scope of work.

Hardware Development
Development of solutions for many different requirements to digital and analog circuits, including microcontrollers.
The development and calculations are performed in the engineer office C.Pehle; for this the systems Pulsonix, Target and KiCad are available. If required by customer the development can be done with other systems, e. g. ORCAD, Altium or Mentor Graphics.
Layouting and generation of production data are given to specialists conncted with the engineer consultants.

In addition individual hardware systems, e. g. test equipment, can be planned and realised.

For more information please contact Christian Pehle.

Software Development
Starting with the conceptual design up to the realisation in a programming language (preferred C, C++, C#) the software for a microcontroller is developed. Parallel to the development the documentation is built and maintained. As a matter of course the software development covers tests by the developer and the reliable handling with versioning systems. In-house SVN with the Tortoise-Interface is used, but it’s also possible to use systems of the customer. With a VPN connection all data can be stored on the servers of the customer.

Also PC-software is developed in the engineer office C. Pehle, especially if the connection to a microcontroller system or a data acquisition is required.

Thus you get complete solutions with all components, this means hard and software from one source. For more information please contact us.