Freelance Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Electrical Engineering Christian Pehle

Degreed engineer Christian Pehle

Personal data 13.02.1961 Birthday
Education 1980 German “Abitur”
1987 Degreed engineer electro-technics at TU Hannover
Career 1987 – 2006 Employee for development in various companies.
Since Jul. 2006 Freelancer


The company

The engineer office is directed by degreed engineer Christian Pehle, who has large professional experience based on the many successful finished projects. With his partners he will accompany you throughout the entire project, from planning to hand-off.

Professional allies are available in the areas of expertise: PCB routing, programming, development of hardware circuits, design and documentation.

With the allies capacity constrains arise very seldom.

Technical skills

  • Practice of comprehensive knowledge in
    • Software development
    • Hardware development
    • General electrical engineering
    • Mechanics
    • General physics
    • Mathematics
  • Fast building up of competence in new topics
  • Fast building up of competence in the usage of new tools
  • Analytic, structured thinking


  • Knowledge of languages:
    • German (first language)
    • English (good practice)
  • C und div. hersteller- bzw. controller-spezifische Dialiekte
  • C++
  • C#
  • Assembler
  • LabView
  • Agilent VEE
  • SQL
  • UML
  • Marginally: HTML, XML etc.

Generally used in the engineer office C. Pehle:

  • Code Composer Studio (Texas Instruments)
  • Microchip MPLab (PIC)
  • System Workbench for STM32 / STM32CubeMX
  • Microsoft Visual Studio / Microsoft .NET / Unit test environment
  • QT / Unit test environment


Tools used on customer’s request (without judgemental order):

Keil MicroVision (Versions 4, 5), IAR, emBlocks (GCC-Toolchain, GdB-Debugger), ICC

Tools generally used in the engineer office C. Pehle:

  • Pulsonix
  • KiCad
  • Target


Tools used on customer’s request (without judgemental order):

Eagle, Orcad, Mentor Graphics with connection to SAP, Altium

  • Texas MSP430 – Serie
  • Texas MSP470 – Serie
  • STM32-Serie
  • Analog Devices ADuC70xx – Serie (ARM7-Kern)
  • Microchip PIC-Serie
  • Infineon XE166 – Serie
  • NXP LPCxxx (ARM 9 -Kern)


Also with elder controllers was worked, e. g. at the maintenance and porting of long-term products:

  • Z80
  • 8051 and various derivates
  • Siemens C535
  • SPI
  • I²C
  • UART (RS232, 3V- und 5V-Systems, V24)
  • RS485
  • CAN
  • CAN-open
  • LIN
  • Ethernet / TCPIP
  • Bluetooth in different versions
  • RF communication with various protocols (e. g. 868MHz)
  • Mikrosoft Windows for PCs
  • div. realtime operating systems for micro controllers (QNX, RTX, RTOS)

Tools generally used in the engineer office C. Pehle:

Tool Usage
LibreOffice Documentation, text processing, presentation, spreadsheet processing
Mozilla-Produkte Communikation
Doxygen Documentation of source code
PSPad, Notepad++ ASCII (Text-) Editors
HxD Hex Editor HEX-Editor
7z Archival storage
SVN Tortoise Versioning / Archival storage
WinMerge Comparison / Merging
MS VisualStudio, QT Unit-Tests




Tools used on customer’s request (without judgemental order):

UltraEdit, WinRar, WinZip, Eclipse, IPFit, WinCvs, MS-Office, Canoe, Nunit, Microsoft Team Foundation, Python etc.